Academy of Excellence

"Attitude is a reflection on Leadership"


At Concorde International, we want every member of our staff to perform to the best of their abilities and understand that they are an essential part of the organisation.


This programme has been created specifically for our Activity Managers and Activity Leaders working throughout our Summer Centres.


We have created a basic framework which will allow us to set clear goals, encourage accountability, mutual trust and respect; communication.


The Academy of Excellence is the framwork and guidance to assist with training, development and recognition for Activity Leaders working for Concorde International. The pathway is for both Residential and Non-residential Activity Leaders and can be adjusted accordingly.


You have the opportunity to utilise this framework and play an active part in making all within a supportive climate that thrives on good the Concorde Academy of Excellence not only a bench mark for all involved in delivery of the Summer Activity programme but also the creation of a highly effective team working to deliver the very best for you, your colleagues and our students.


There are 3 levels to complete - Bronze, Silver and Gold.



Certification pathway


Bronze Level 

The basic level of certification

Silver Level 

Displays leadership qualities and could be considered to be a Senior Activity Leader


Gold Level

Performs consistently and effectively. Demonstrates true leadership qualities and is capable of performing certain tasks and activities at the Activity Manager Level. Could be considered a deputy Activity Manager.



We would expect most of you to achieve your Bronze Level within the first two weeks. Silver Level can be achieved withing two or three weeks and Gold Level within three or four weeks.



Academy of Excellence Bonus Scheme


As part of our employee recognision system, for all of our returning Activity Leaders, we have developed an Academy of Excellence Bonus Scheme.  


Academy of Excellence Bonus Scheme


  • On completion of the Bronze level you will receive a £10 Bonus per week
  • On completion of the Silver level you will receive a £20 Bonus per week
  • On completion of the Gold level you will receive a £30 Bonus per week


For those of you who are returning staff and have already completed the academy of excellence you will be expected to retake the highest level you achieved last year again.



For example,


If you completed the Bronze level last year you will need to complete the bronze level again this year to receive a bonus.


If you completed the Silver level last year, you will automatically be eligible for the £10 bonus for the Bronze level and you will work towards completing your Silver level again.


If you completed your Gold Level last year, you will automatically be eligible for the £20 Bonus for the Silver Level and you will work towards your Gold level again.


You will meet with one of the centre management team once per week to discuss your performance and progress through the scheme.


The Activity Managers will work with you throughout your contract to ensure you achieve the highest possible standards at all times.


We want you to benefit from your time with us, learn and enhance your personal skills and develop what you already know.


The lead of the Academy of Excellence is: 


Mr Adam Fox, Programmes Manager


As well as providing initial guidance, we will be carrying out regular site visits and communicating regularly with members of the Activity team.

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