Remember to ask the students to help you with food preparation and with the washing up! 


You will need to provide breakfast and dinner for everyone. 


Junior students and Group Leaders require a packed lunch each day.

Adult students may or may not require a packed lunch, we will advise you when we allocate students to you. 


We will also inform you if any students have any dietary requirements /allergies etc. 


Meal times are the perfect opportunity to sit and talk with your students to find out about their day, their likes and dislikes and for them to get to know you. 





All students and Group Leaders will need a good breakfast to start the day. 

We recommend: 

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Toast
  • Orange juice
  • Tea / coffee / milk
  • English breakfast once a week (for the experience!)

Packed Lunch


All children and teenagers will require a packed lunch each day to take to school and on excursions. We recommend:

  • Filled roll or baguette (sandwiches not usually popular!)
  • Bottle of water (they can refill this at school) or juice
  • Bag of crisps
  • Biscuit or small cake bar or yoghurt
  • One or two pieces of fruit

Evening meal


At the end of a busy day students need a good healthy meal and an opportunity for everyone to sit down and eat together. This really is the most important meal of the day and students should never eat on their own. 

This is also an ooportunity for students to sample typical British food so try to prepare the following during their stay: 


  • Roast dinner, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and the trimmings!
  • Traditional fish and chips 
  • Curry - UK's number 1 food!
  • Pizza or pasta bake 
  • Shepherd's pie / Cottage pie
  • Sausages and mash potato

Always ask the students to help you with preapring the food, laying the table and washing up afterwards. They are part of the family and should be given basic chores to do, not to be waited on as they would be in a restaurant. 


Student Questionnaire on arrival day


We will give you a copy of our student questionnaire with some pictures for each student on arrival day. Use this as an opportunity to get to know your students and find out about their favourite foods and also like what they don't like. 


This is a good ice-breaker for the students and an opportunity for you to get to know them. 


You can also check to see if they are taking any medication or have any allergies in case they were not disclosed at the time of booking. 

Meals Junior Students Adult Students Group Leaders
Breakfast Yes Yes Yes
Packed Lunch Yes No Yes
Hot Lunch at home Check programme Check programme Check programme
Evening meal Yes Yes Yes
Snack on arrival day Yes Yes Yes
Packed lunch on departure  Yes Yes Yes
Special dietary requirements

Where students have any special requirements we will discuss this with you. We appreciate that certain specialist foods are more expensive and we will be happy to pay a supplement for this. 

Our Homestay Organisers will discuss this individually when allocating students to you. 

Gluten Free / Celiac
Halal meat
Allergies / medical needs

Family birthdays and celebrations


We all have family get-togethers, birthdays and celebrations and your international students will love to be a part of that. 

Some hosts also get together with other hosts and their students once a week for a BBQ or a family pub lunch or fish and chips on the beach. 

The most important thing is that students are treated as part of your family and they have the opportunity to spend time with you and learn about British culture. 

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