Student bedrooms

Homestay accommodation is all about providing a home environment for our students


Maximum occupancy 4 students per house


You can accommodate a MAXIMUM 4 students per house, regardless of how many spare rooms you have. This is a British Council condition. 


The reason for this is that students (and their parents!) are looking for a home environment, not a hostel or home of multiple occupancy. If there are too many students in the same house the home environment and interraction between hosts and students is significantly reduced.


Depending on the size of the bedrooms, you can accommodate up to 3 international students at the same time in the same bedroom.


Bedrooms for children and teenagers


Each student needs their own bed, whether this is a single or double.

You cannot have two children sharing a double bed unless this has been approved by your Homestay Organisers.


While Z-beds or folding beds can take up less space when not being used, they are not very comfortable and students will compare if they are sharing a room.


Each bedroom needs to have a wardrobe for hanging up clothes and a chest of drawers or bedside table with storage for other items. Some younger students staying on shorter courses do not 'unpack' and tend to keep everything in their suitcases. However, we recommend that you encourage your students to unpack on arrival as this helps to set a standard of being tidy and clean throughout their stay. Everything should have a place! 


Bunk Beds for ages 13 and under only


Bunk beds can only be used for children aged 13 and under. 


Even if you have two sets of bunk beds in one room (i.e. total 4 beds) you can still only accommodate 3 students per room so one of the beds will be remain unoccupied. 

Again, these are British Council conditions which must be adhered to.



Bedrooms for Adult Students aged 16+


For longer term students, including ALL ADULT STUDENTS, each bedroom needs a desk and a chair with sufficient lighting for them to be able to study. Most adult students tend to stay for longer periods so they need to be comfortable and be able to complete homework and self-study.


House keys and security


We do not recommend giving house keys to children aged 15 and under.

Someone should always be at home to meet the children after school and let them in. 

Older students, adult students and Group Leaders can be given keys if you prefer. If you provide a set of keys please inform them that there will be a charge for replacements if they lose them.


Bedroom doors - older students and Group Leaders like their privacy so a lock on the bedroom door is good idea, especially if you have 2 or more students staying with you.


You might also want to provide a small safe or lockable drawer / cupboard for students to store their money, passports and valuables.  



Our students usually bring their own mobile phones, iPads or laptops and will expect to be able to use your home WiFi to communicate with family back home.


If you are hosting children you need to ensure the web-filtering is set so that they cannot access any inappropriate websites. Most WiFi providers will have multiple settings for adults and children. 

Basic requirements Junior Students

Adult Students 18+



Maximum number to host 4 4 4
Maximum per bedroom 3 2 1 or 2
Bunk beds Age 13 and under only Not suitable Not suitable
Folding beds Yes (max one week) No No
Wardrobe Yes Yes Yes
Drawers / Storage Yes Yes Yes
Desk, chair, lamp Not essential Yes Yes
House keys No Recommended Recommended
Bedroom door locks Not essential Recommended Recommended
Small safe / lockable storage Recommended Recommended Recommended
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