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Person Specification


The Activity Programme is a large and very important part of the summer; activities and excursions involve high levels of vigilance and supervision. Activity Managers will have all experienced the challenges of taking children on excursions, organising activities and leading a team of Activity Leaders and Teachers. Activity Managers report to the Centre Manager, who supervise and assist Activity Managers in their role.


The role includes ensuring that summer school Activity Leaders and Teachers engage with the students and make sure that the students, in turn, engage with all aspects of the programme—classes, activities and excursions. This means communicating, interacting, and generally being alongside the students and making sure they are happy, involved and having fun. We aim to provide an excellent learning experience through effective and enjoyable lessons and activities conducted in a professional yet personalised environment.




Essential Requirements


Management skills for organising a team of Activity Leaders and Teachers

Previous summer school or similar experience

Eligible to live and work in the UK (we cannot assist in any way with work permits or visas)

Knowledge of the summer school location at which you are applying to work


Desirable Requirements


Experience of student welfare / boarding school environment

Must be able to create, plan, organise and manage social/sports activities effectively

Native or near-native competency in English

Able to work with computers

Competent sports / games person with knowledge of the rules and organisation of one or more sports / games

Able to speak a second language

Current first aid or RLSS lifesaving certificate

Recent DBS check (formerly CRB)



Job Description


Managerial and Administrative duties


You will report to the Centre Manager, who will supervise and assist you in your role. You may also be required to assist the Academic Manager.

You will need to read and familiarise yourself with the Activity Manager’s Handbook before the start of the summer programme and adhere to Concorde International operational procedures.

You will read, understand and adhere to Concorde International’s Child Protection Policy. You must report any incidents, however small, to the Centre Manager as soon as possible. You should inform all staff of their responsibilities while working with children.

You will attend an induction with the Director of Vacation Courses at Head Office in Canterbury before the centre opens and you will induct your team when they arrive at the centre.

You and the Centre Manager and Academic Manager will be required to hold and keep minutes of at least three staff meetings each week (preferably daily) to discuss the following administrative matters:

Rotas for duties and activities

Staff supervision

Student performance and welfare


Student arrivals and departures

Any other matter that supports the smooth running of the centre and the academic programme

You will ensure that all activities and excursions are publicised in advance and well organised. You should also encourage active participation by students and staff in the activity programme, ensuring that all students enjoy themselves while in a safe environment. You will liaise with the Centre Manager daily in order to organise activities and excursions. You will take part in the activities yourself when appropriate.

You will check bookings for all coaches, attractions and sports activities, and for excursions you will ensure that cash, vouchers, tickets, cheques, maps, guides, coach lists and excursion protocol sheets are organised as required. If you are missing any information you should liaise with the Centre Manager in the first instance or Head Office in case of emergency. When travelling with students on coaches, you will ensure that Teachers and Activity Leaders are aware of appropriate procedures and behaviour for the journey.

You need to understand the job descriptions of Activity Leaders and Teachers in order to maintain high professional standards and ensure fairness at all times.

You will help the Centre Manager make sure that Teachers and Activity Leaders fulfil their contractual duties and complete their contracted number of hours/units each week.

You will allocate tasks to Activity Leaders and make sure they are fulfilling their contractual obligations in the centre at all times.

You will be required to supervise activities and should be prepared to work unsociable hours as required—for example, when students need to be taken to or from the airport, or on disco night.

At the end of the summer you will submit a report covering the success or failure of any particular activity and suggesting an alternative where appropriate.

You will be required to observe Activity Leaders both individually and in teams and provide feedback on their performance. Each Activity Leader will be observed at least once and records of this will be returned to Head Office with their final staff appraisals.


General duties


You will arrive at your centre punctually, at times agreed with the Centre Manager and Academic Manager. You will dress suitably for your status in accordance with Concorde International’s professional image. You will behave appropriately at all times when on site, setting an example of sobriety, and treating all students fairly, with due attention to propriety.

Summer centres are very busy places and there may be duties to perform in addition to those detailed here. Flexibility and common sense are fundamental attributes for this position. As this is a managerial position, you will be required to sign a waiver that confirms you are willing to work more than 48 hours per week if required to do so.

In a residential centre, you are expected to undertake residential duties such as helping to get students up in the morning, seeing that they are in bed in the evening, ensuring that rooms are tidy and organised, and monitoring laundry services.

For sports activities, you will ensure that the correct equipment is used, keeping a record of all items issued and checking that they are returned.

It is a fundamental principle of Concorde International that staff and students work best in a relaxed, friendly and participatory environment both inside and outside the classroom, and you will help maintain such an atmosphere. Your role is a managerial one, and there may be times when you have to take decisions that are unpopular with Teachers and Activity Leaders.


Equal Opportunities


Concorde International is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, marital status, disability, age, part-time or fixed term contract status, sexual orientation or religion in the allocation of duties between employees employed at any level with comparable job descriptions.


If you are applying from outside Europe, please note that Concorde International is unable to assist in any way with work permits or visas.


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