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Ashford, Kent

Residential Centre


Residential Centre

Canterbury Study Centre

Non Residential Centre

Canterbury, Kent College

Residential Centre


Non Residential Centre


Residential Centre

      Person Specification

The main role of an Activity Leader is to engage with the students and make sure that the students, in turn, engage with all aspects of the programme—classes, activities and excursions. This means communicating, interacting, and generally being alongside the students and making sure they are happy, involved and having fun. We aim to provide an excellent cultural and learning experience through effective and enjoyable courses conducted in a professional yet personalised environment. 


It is preferable for applicants to have experience with sport, drama and dance, arts and crafts and to have previous summer school experience. As the role involves taking groups of students on excursions and local visits, knowledge of the location for which you are applying would be an advantage.

There are two types of Activity Leaders jobs available, non-residential and residential in our summer centres. Please check website for more information about our summer school locations. 




Essential Requirements


· Able to plan and organise activities such as sports, drama, dance, arts and crafts and others.

· Aged 18+ and fluent in English.

· Eligible to live and work in the UK (we cannot assist in any way with work permits or visas)

· Knowledge of the location for which you are applying


Desirable Requirements


· Previous experience of working with children or teenagers

· Previous experience of working in a summer school

· Flexible and able to work in a team

· Able to speak a second language

· Current UK recognised first aid certificate (£10 weekly pay increment)

· RLSS lifesaving certificate (£15 weekly pay increment)

· Qualified to coach/instruct sports, drama or dance (£10 weekly increment)

· Recent DBS check (formerly CRB)


Junior Activity Leaders

If you are aged 16 or 17 and live local to the summer centre you are welcome to apply for a Junior Activity Leader position. We do not have any residential positions for this role.


Senior Activity Leaders

If you have previously worked for Concorde International and have demonstrated the necessary leadership skills we require for this role we may suggest that you apply for a Senior Activity Leader position. Spaces are limited to one per summer centre.




Activity Leader Residential 

18 to 20 Years old - (48 hours per week x £7.00 per hour) = £336.00 - residential allowance £56 = £280.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay

21 to 24 Years old - (48 hours per week x £8.25 per hour) = £396.00 - residential allowance £56 = £340.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay

25 Years old +       - (48 hours per week x £8.75 per hour) = £420.00 - residential allowance £56 = £364.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay


Activity Leader Non-residential 

18 to 20 Years Old - (38 hours per week x £7.00) = £266.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay

21 to 24 Years Old - (38 hours per week x £8.25) = £313.50 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay

25 Years old +        - (38 hours per week x £8.75) = £332.50 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay


Junior Activity Leader 

16 to 17 Years Old - 36 hours per week x £6.00 = £216.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay


Senior Activity Leader Residential

48 hours per week x £9.50 = £456.00 per week - residential allowance £56 = £400.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay


Senior Activity Leader Non-residential 

38 hours per week x £9.50 = £361.00 per week + 12.1% Holiday Pay


First Aid Bonus £10 per week

Lifeguard Bonus £15 per week

Academy of Excellence Bonus (returning Activity Leaders ONLY, please see the Academy of Excellence section for more details).


      Job Description

· Welcoming new studetns to the centre.

· Setting up / packing up the centre and displaying / removing signs.

· Supervising during breaks and lunchtimes and quiet time.

· Preparing afternoon activities and workshops.

· Assisting with fire drills.

· Preparing welfare for students who come without a Group Leader ('individual' students) and reporting potentially harmful situations.

· Assisting the Centre Manager, Academic Manager and Activity Managers with general administrative tasks.

· Designing and displaying posters and programme information.

· Preparing Welcome Packs, Excursion Packs and student ID badges.

· Photocopying and general office admin.

· Checking students are in their classes.

· Preparing activity plans for each activity, and being familiar with all the risk assessments.

· Ensuring all areas are clean and tidy so Health and Safety criteria is met.



· Preparing activity plans for each activity to ensure all students are safe and participating fully in order to benefit from the experience.

· Organising teams/groups and actively participating in activities and events.

· Ensuring sports, audio and other equipment is maintained, returned and stored correctly as well as purchasing resources.

· Encouraging fair play and ensuring all students have a turn.

· Monitoring the students at all times.



· Be early to meet your assigned group

· Counting students on and off coaches and throughout excursions.

· Brief the students and Group Leaders about the itinerary of the excursion including reading the script, introducing the excursion task and checking the answers on the way home.

· Leading and monitoring the walking tour (notes and maps provided) of towns/cities visited.

· Monitoring and being responsible for a group of around 15 students throughout the excursion.

· Ensuring you know the safety procedures and potential risks involved on each excursion (for example how to deal with lost or sick students)


Duties at Residential Centres

· Assisting on arrival and departure days.

· Waking the students up in the mornings and assisting with lights out in the evenings.

· Assisting students with laundry.

· Encouraging students to keep their rooms and common areas tidy and ensuring emergency exits are kept free from obstruction.

· Ensuring students are prepared for departures and all luggage is collected (some unsociable hours)

· Distributing packed lunches for excursions.

· Ensuring students are safe and monitored at all times.


Maintaining Standards

· You will perform your duties in a professional manner and dress appropriately for your position.

· You will behave appropriately as an example to younger people.

· You will familiarise yourself with, understand, and adhere to Concorde International’s Safeguarding Policy. These will be made available to you once employment has been confirmed.

· Flexibility and common sense are fundamental attributes for this position.


      Equal Opportunities

Concorde International is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, marital status, disability, age, part-time or fixed term contract status, sexual orientation or religion in the allocation of duties between employees employed at any level with comparable job descriptions. 


If you are applying from outside Europe, please note that Concorde International is unable to assist in any way with work permits or visas. 


      Safer Recruitment

As part of our Safer Recruitment policy all applicants need to provide a full employment history (explaining any gaps) and minimum two referees whom we will contact directly. Each applicant will also undergo an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check which will identify any recent and historic criminal records, police cautions (even if deemed as 'spent') and this will be taken in to consideration for our final decision on suitability for recruitment. We will process your DBS through our external providers, Civil and Corporate. 


Data Protection Consent Form

In order to process your application we need your consent to process the data you have given us. Please complete the Staff GDPR Form giving us your consent.


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